2CYTE Technology

The technology that distinguishes us from all others involves using a water-soluble material to blanket an oil-soluble material. This process results in an end-product that addresses many of the critical issues with oil-soluble ingredients, including delivery, bioavailability, and shelf-life.

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The Science

Our commercially significant 2CYTE technology involves taking a water soluble host material, and using it as a transport through the skin, mucosa, and gut for oil soluble materials. 2CYTE has proved to be an effective method for complexing many oil compatible materials including essential oils, terpenes, oil soluble vitamins, cannabinoids, and more! Our test results support the many positive responses we have received regarding the performance of products made using 2CYTE technology.

The Results

Third party research has revealed significant improvements in bioavailability and penetration for oil soluble materials complexed with 2CYTE technology. Complexed materials created with 2CYTE technology creates a water compatible powder format effective for transporting oil materials through the skin and gut. In complexes involving essential oils, terpenes, and other 'oils', the complexed material literally disappears into water.

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Various product examples, oils, capsules, and herbs

Intended Uses

2CYTE technology allows for freedom of imagination with regards to oil based ingredients. Our unique technology has a wide variety of applications including:

  • Therapeutic Products

  • Emulsions (creams and lotions)

  • Bath Products

  • Water-based products (gels and fluids)

  • Capsules

  • Tinctures and Sublingual Products

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